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Seiko Solar - Watches for men and women

Seiko Solar watches use light energy for movement and dial

The Seiko Solar watches from Japan combine two practical technologies around the sun: They are powered by light energy and have a LumiBrite dial. This means that a light source charges the energy store of the watch via a solar cell unit on the one hand, and the dial is charged in such a way that it glows in the dark on the other. This combination thus combines the function and form of the watches in a meaningful way. The watch pioneer Seiko was already very early co-developer of new technologies, which make an alternative energy use possible. In 1988 the Seiko Kinetic was launched on the market, which is powered by kinetic energy, and ten years later the Seiko Thermic, which works thanks to body heat. With this Seiko watch, this battery-free series is rounded off, but certainly not completed. Read more


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97 products

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