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Skagen Connected

Skagen Connected - Men's watches

The Hybrid Smartwatch with style and stamina

The Skagen Connected Hybrid Smartwatch combines elegant design with state-of-the-art technology. You can expect a Smartwatch that combines Skagen's coveted minimalist design with the highest level of technology. Skagen impressively demonstrates that a Smartwatch does not always require a display. Skagen Connected should satisfy the needs of all those who, as stylish watch enthusiasts, are torn between the Smartwatches on the market to date. The choice between a computer and a classic beauty on the wrist is not always easy. Under the elegant dial is no processor, but a real, classic movement. With the Connected, Skagen has created exactly the balancing act that fans of classic watches want. But the watch lover likes to accept a smaller variety of functions. The display functions are taken over by individual elements of the dial instead of a display. Read More


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1 Products

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