Engelsrufer Jewelry

Jewellery with meaning - the perfect gift

The symbolic Engelsrufer pieces of jewelery give their wearer strength, self-confidence and balance. The high-quality jewelry, made from the finest 925 sterling silver, also shines in gold and rose gold. All pieces of jewelry guarantee a glamorous appearance and are perfect companions, in the form of bracelets, necklaces, earrings and anklets, which underline the beauty of their wearer. Continue reading

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Jewellery with meaning

Depending on the color or symbol, the beautiful pieces of jewelry give: strength, passion or self-confidence. The red sound ball of the Engelsrufer pendant gives its wearer love and strength, the green gives hope and health, blue increases the ability to concentrate and turquoise strengthens self-confidence. The sound of the classic Engelsrufer pendant is also calming and provides balance. In addition, the Engelsrufer can be combined with a wide variety of pendants, such as wings or tassels, to create your very own favorite pieces of jewelry. In addition to the classic Engelsrufer, the diverse collection also has other pendants such as the Paradise, the Tear of Heaven or Balance, whose chime balls can be exchanged.

Highly Iconic Companions

In addition to pendants with interchangeable chimes, the unique Engelsrufer collection includes motifs with strong symbols: the hand of Fatima is a protective symbol that keeps all evil at bay. The guardian angel spreads its wings protectively and accompanies its wearer on all her journeys. Set with precious stones, it gives her a touch of sparkling elegance. The flower of life also enchants with its filigree pattern and gives joie de vivre, peace and harmony.

Trendy colors for fashionistas

This year the motto is also: "mix and match". Whether colors or materials - everything is allowed! Courageous fashionistas wear pendants in two and three colors, such as the tree of life and dream catchers, showing their flair for trends.

The perfect gift

The unique Engelsrufer pendants with their individual meanings and the many possible combinations are perfect gifts for every occasion. They are lucky charms or wonderful keepsakes. Pieces of jewellery, such as the messenger of good luck or medallions, can also contain personal messages and engravings, making them a very special gift.

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