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You are looking for a watch that can do more than just display time? Which is more than just a fashionable accessory? A wristwatch that connects to your smartphone and can be your new personal assistant? A watch that can be your personal coach, travel guide, weatherman thanks to many apps and that you can communicate with your friends via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? Then a Smartwatch from Casio, OPS!, Sector or Tissot is the right choice for you. Read more

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  1. 12-24 h
  2. 2 timezones
  3. 5 day alarm
  4. Alarm
  5. Altimeter
  6. Automatic calender
  7. Barometer
  8. Bluetooth
  9. Bluetooth calls
  10. Calorie counter
  11. cold resistant
  12. Compass
  13. Data memory
  14. Date
  15. Day
  16. Drink reminder
  17. Flight mode
  18. Heart rate monitor
  19. Hour
  20. Microphone
  21. Minute
  22. Missed Calls
  23. Month
  24. Multisport
  25. Music control
  26. Pedometer
  27. Phone Finder
  28. Second
  29. Shock resistant
  30. Sleep tracker
  31. Snooze alarm
  32. Solar
  33. Speed
  34. Stop function
  35. Sunrise & sunset
  36. Temperature
  37. Thermometer
  38. Timer
  39. Vibration alarm
  40. Weather
  41. Worldtimer
  42. Blood pressure monitor
  43. Oxygen sensor
  44. customisable background
  45. Wrist sense
  46. Notifications
  1. Accu
  2. Battery (quartz)
  3. Solar (quartz)
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  2. Plastic
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  8. Purple
  9. Red
  10. Rosé gold
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  12. white
  13. Yellow
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  2. Blue
  3. Grey
  4. Pink
  5. Silver
  1. anti-reflecting
  2. hardened
  3. Mineral glass
  4. Saphire glass
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44 products

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44 products


These Wearables are small technical masterpieces, with which one cannot only telephone. It shows the weather for the planned Sunday excursion with your loved ones, finds the right Italian restaurant for a romantic evening for two, transmits the results to your favourite team and much more besides. Most smartphone apps can be found on your wearable. And the most important thing: You always carry your Smartwatch with you - you never miss a call or a message. You decide which call you want to take. No annoying and in many situations annoying searching for the mobile phone. Another advantage: You won't miss any important appointments anymore.

But not only the technique of the most modern wearbables is constantly evolving. While the first Smartwatches still looked like the miniature version of the smartphone, the new models also offer the lovers of classic watches their money's worth, because the designers have done a great job here. For example, the Smartwatch, which can be used to call up e-mails, receive calls and messages with just a touch of a finger, is both a technical and a fashion accessory. And with the activity tracker, your Wearable also comes with your own personal motivation trainer. This not only counts the steps you take every day, it also measures calorie consumption. The health aspect is not to be despised. Some models are able to monitor your sleep. The Smartwatch can therefore, among many other functions, warn you by evaluating your sleep behaviour against health damage due to lack of sleep. With interchangeable wristbands and individually designed dials, you can adapt your new technical gadget individually to any look. However, if a digital dial is not an option for you, Hybrid Smartwatches are sure to be just the thing for you. These are characterized by the classic elegance of an analog wristwatch with a real movement and only use the functions with which the wearables were able to score the most points from the start: Activity tracking, pedometer, fitness tracker and vibration notification of incoming calls and messages. With newer Hybrid Smartwatches, the music and camera of the smartphone can also be controlled. The synchronization with the Smartphone takes place with both Wearbles easily via Bluetooth. Timeshop24 has a large selection of Smartwatches ready for you. And you will also find the matching interchangeable wristbands from us. This makes your new Smartwatch a true quick-change artist who adapts to any of your outfits. However, before you decide on the watch you want, you should consider a few things:

  • Which smartphone do I currently use?
  • Which iOs or Android version is on my smartphone?
  • Which functions are important to me?
  • Which Smartwatch suits me?

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