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Porsche Design

Porsche watches

Porsche Design automatic watches

The first Porsche Design watches came "off the assembly line" in 1972 and were initially intended as gifts for Porsche anniversaries. Their designer Ferdinand Alexander Porsche already spent a lot of time as a child in his grandfather's design offices and development facilities, where he developed a sense for technology and design. He founded the design label after the Porsche KG founded by his father, for which he designed the Porsche 911 in 1943, was transformed into an AG (public limited company) and the family withdrew from the operative business. Ferdinand Porsche's creative urge, which was still enormous, was then channelled into the development of Porsche Design watches. But he also designed pipes, glasses and writing instruments. The special feature of Porsche watches is, on the one hand, the eye-catching, sleek design that matches the family sports cars, and, on the other hand, the concept behind the development: Porsche Design does not waste any thoughts on material and production costs in the development of watches and does not conceive of large series. As a result, the timepieces are more unique than mass-produced items and perfectly combine Porsche's sense of technology, materials and purism. read more


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