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Satellite Wave GPS

Citizen Satellite Wave GPS - Watches for men

Citizen Satellite Wave GPS perfects the precision of timekeeping

The watch manufacturer Citizen, founded in 1930, sets high standards for its own watchmaking work and recalls the old values of this craftsmanship in order to combine them with the latest technology. The first Japanese wristwatch with an alarm function was made by Citizen, as was the Eco-Drive technology. Thanks to this technology, it is possible to obtain energy from almost any available light source, making the use of batteries obsolete. Citizen is always anxious to advance trends in new energy generation and thus make the world a better place - true to the motto "Better Starts Now". The Citizen Satellite Wave collection follows this vision and perfects the precision of timekeeping through the use of GPS signals. A Citizen Satellite Wave takes just three seconds to receive the signals from GPS satellites - and is the fastest in the world. All timepieces in this collection are also equipped with Eco-Drive technology, date display and many other functions. Read more


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2 products

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