Citizen automatic watches

Citizen is a watch manufacturer with tradition. For more than eight decades, the company has stood for a multicultural mindset that nurtures the creativity of Citizen's watch designers. Modern design, high-quality workmanship and innovative technology are combined in Citizen watches. Automatic watches also belong to the model range of the watch manufacturer. These practical timepieces are powered by the wearer's natural arm movements without the need for a battery.  read more

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Citizen automatic watches with sophisticated mechanism

It is amazing how the sophisticated technology of an automatic watch fits into the small watch case. Inside, a rotor winds a spring in small steps with every arm movement of the wearer. A so-called slip clutch, also known as a bridge, ensures that the spring does not overwind when the watch is fully wound. This fine mechanism keeps your Citizen automatic watch always running. The spring is always evenly tensioned. Compared to a mechanical watch with manual winding, for example, the barrel is therefore much smoother and the rate deviation is much smaller.

If you own more than one Citizen watch or automatic watch, it may happen that you do not wear your automatic watch for a long time. To ensure that it continues to run and is always ready for use, we recommend our high-quality watchwinder.

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