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AVI-8 watches for pilots and flight-enthusiastic watch collectors

The watch design of an AVI-8 wrist watch reflects the love of flying as well as the nostalgic fighter planes of the past. Thus the model families of the watch brand AVI-8 carry well-known names of proven fighter jets such as Hawker Harrier II, Hawker Hurricane, Hawker Hunter or Lancaster Bomber. Whether quartz watch with battery operation or mechanical with automatic drive: throughout proven and reliable Japanese quality calibers are used in AVI-8 pilot watches, which are also used in many other well-known watch brands with above average quality. read more

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79 products


AVI-8 watches and flying: a coherent liaison

following some worth reading information about the different model families

Hawker Harrier II

The Hawker Harrier II was a phenomenal fighter plane and known for its short takeoff and landing capabilities. The technical innovations in the cockpit, like the digital moving map and the inertial navigation system, made the Hawker Harrier II a dream for every pilot. The Hawker Harrier II watch collection also impresses with its functionality, clarity and ease of use thanks to its functional features such as oversized hands and pushers.

Hawker Hurricane

The Hawker Hurricane is a tribute to the fighter aircraft Hawker Hurricane, which was instrumental in the 1940 Battle of England victory. As a small, robust single-seater, the Hawker Hurricane flew heroically through the night and fired at the enemy. The Hawker Hurricane watch collection captivates with its simplicity. Clear, concise lines include the dial, on which the colors reflect the design of the Hawker Hurricane simple but impressive.

Hawker Hunter

The Hawker Hunter series is reminiscent of the famous single-seater fighter jet produced for the Royal Air Force and its allies and launched in 1954 for its first mission. It was the first fighter aircraft equipped with radar and flight control. Inspired by the 1950s Hawker Hunter cockpits and displays, this modern collection pays homage to the innovative technologies of aviation history.


Young, adventurous and daring - these were the Flyboys. Intrepid pilots, who took all their courage together to fight for their fatherland in World War I as pilots. Their heroism, bravery and daredevilry - especially in the dangerous days of open air combat - was immortalized in modern history. This collection pays homage to these heroes of the skies. Slim, simple watch cases and bracelets in nylon with various colourful patterns attached to medal ribbons. the heroic deeds and performances of these pilots revive.

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