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Traser H3 watches: the brightest, permanently illuminated watches in the world

Traser H3, the inventor of the trigalight self-luminous technology is a high-quality Swiss watch brand that even meets military requirements. Traser combines state-of-the-art technology with a very high wearing comfort. Very well known is the illumination system of the Traser watches, which was very sensibly integrated into the watches. It is considered the best in the world and makes your new Traser watch shine up to 100 times brighter than many comparable products. This makes your new traser an absolute eye-catcher even at dusk or in absolute darkness. Traser makes use of the human nature, because our eye sees green clearly better and sharper than any other color; For this reason you should buy a Traser watch

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106 products


Why buy a Traser watch?

One of the main reasons why many of the watches in the new Traser collection shine in intense green light. Beside many other strengths with which Traser watches can score, this light is their biggest plus. Just as every life needs light as a source of energy, Traser also places light in the foreground as a functional element. And can score here with the highest quality on the market, the Trigalight self-luminous technology finally comes from the parent company of mb-mictrotec AG. And this ensures that Traser watches shine reliably in every situation. If the lighting of other watches goes out, Traser continues to tirelessly display all important information. And all this without external energy sources. This neon green glow of the watch is particularly evident in the P67 Officer Pro GunMetal Lime. As soon as the sun disappears on the horizon, this watch tells its own story. The dial, numerals, hands and glass gasket initially shine in a strong neon green. However, their luminosity slowly diminishes and the dial gradually changes. With one exception: the luminescent hands and indexes of your watch, which glow constantly and continuously in rich neon green. The darker it gets, the more our eyes perceive trigalight. Until self-luminescent technology is ultimately the only light source. This combination of high-tech, traditional Swiss watchmaking art, refined aesthetics and clear design language offers you no other wristwatch.

A Traser watch is an absolute highlight - on every wrist.

Swiss Made Quality

In addition, every Traser convinces with SWISS Made Quality - from the first idea to the finished product. That also inspires the organizers of the Tour de Suisse. Finally the Traser clocks function since 1933 as official timekeepers with one of the hardest Radrennen of the world, which lures annually hundreds of thousands Radsportfans from all world into the alpine republic. Precision, performance, endurance, tenacity - these are not just the values that count at the Tour de Suisse and make someone a world class champion. It is also the values that customers have valued for decades in the watches of the traditional Swiss watchmaker Traser. But not only in cycling - Traser watches are high-quality processed companions in every situation. Even if they were originally intended for use in extreme conditions such as diving, climbing, in extreme darkness or in the military: With a Traser watch you always wear a reliable companion for every situation in life, which certainly won't let you down. This is not only ensured by trigalight, but also by the use of high-quality and resistant materials such as stainless steel, polyamide, glass fibre or sapphire glass. Just take a look around and choose the new, reliable companion that suits you perfectly.

Traser H3 watches - Now new at Timeshop24.

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