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Traser H3

Traser H3 - Men's watches

Traser H3 watches: the brightest, permanently illuminated watches in the world

Traser H3, the inventor of the trigalight self-luminous technology is a high-quality Swiss watch brand that even meets military requirements. Traser combines state-of-the-art technology with a very high wearing comfort. Very well known is the illumination system of the Traser watches, which was very sensibly integrated into the watches. It is considered the best in the world and makes your new Traser watch shine up to 100 times brighter than many comparable products. This makes your new traser an absolute eye-catcher even at dusk or in absolute darkness. Traser makes use of the human nature, because our eye sees green clearly better and sharper than any other color;For this reason you should buy a Traser watch


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96 products

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