Zeppelin watches

Zeppelin watches are durable, robust and high quality manufactured

With their precise technology and classic, simple design, the handcrafted Zeppelin men's watches pay homage to a milestone in aviation history.

The watch brand Zeppelin comes from the same watch manufacturer as the Junkers watches, named after Hugo Junkers, the German aircraft engineer and pioneer of aviation and inventor of the legendary corrugated iron airplanes. Zeppelin ladies and men's watches are durable, robust and of high quality. Read on

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192 products


Zeppelin watches: for men with taste

The Zeppelin, the rigid airship named after its builder Ferdinand Graf von Zeppelin, fascinated people not only at its heyday at the beginning of the 20th century, but still today. The silently gliding flying object has a special grace and lightness, it seems to float weightlessly through the air.

Zeppelin watches are the icing on the cake for a classic, sophisticated and elegant men's outfit. Who wants to radiate seriousness and reliability, sets the right sign with a Zeppelin watch.

Enjoy the joy of wearing a Zeppelin watch on your wrist! In our online watch shop you will find a selection of different Zeppelin collections. Order free of shipping costs within Germany and comfortably on account. Or benefit from a 2% discount on prepayment.

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