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D1 Milano Watches - Premium Fashion wrist watches made in Italy

You are looking for watches that give you the special touch of La Dolce Vita on your wrist? Then the women's watches and men's watches from D1 Milano are just the thing for you. D1 Milano produces perfectly shaped elegant timepieces and chronographs. Of course, the typical Italian feeling of luxury and life should not be missing. An attitude to life that you can bring home with a D1 Milano watch on your wrist. D1 Milano's women's and men's models are among the hottest watch brands, especially among the younger generation. Given the iconic recognition value of a D1 MIlano Skeleton Watch, this is not surprising.  Read more

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The Italian watch manufacturer, which was founded in 2013 by Dario Spallone, CEO of the company for 25 years, together with two friends, focuses on strong forms, an excellent price-performance ratio and a special focus on details and aesthetics;

D1 Milano - A special success story

D1 Milano was even voted one of the top 10 strong newcomer brands by Forbes magazine in 2015. Justification: D1 Milano understands: D1 Milano simply understands how to combine high-quality and innovative materials with an extraordinary and contemporary design. A combination that simply pleases. It all began with a diploma thesis on the marketing of a new watch brand. The result is a fast-growing start-up group with an ever-growing spread throughout Italy, the Middle East and South America. D1 Milano Watches currently has offices in Dubai, Hong Kong and hundreds of stores in 28 countries. With its presence of dedicated stores worldwide, D1 Milano is on its way to becoming one of the fastest growing watch brands in the world.

Prominents love their D1 Milano watch

After just under five years in the industry, the young Italian brand can now consider celebrities such as the American musicians Tyrese Gibson and Diplo as part of its steadily growing fan base in addition to numerous personalities from the worlds of art and politics.

The design and quality of the D1 Milano watches

p>And D1 Milano watches have already scored points in the innovative field. The first Thermo-Chromic polycarbonate watch, for example, which changes its colour in its entirety depending on the temperature, comes from D1 Milano. D1 Milano also scores with a design that already makes the watches unmistakable. Watches that can be worn by both men and women thanks to their perfectly shaped, beautiful and unadorned style. That combined with a high level of quality - so many models have scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and both the quartz and automatic watches is the well-known movement manufacturer Miyota permanent supplier. This makes D1 Milano watches an absolute quality product on your wrist.

Once you dare something new with D1 Milano

Egal, whether you wear your new D1 Milano to the urban casual big city look, your business outfit or the classic evening dress. With a D1 Milano watch you will always cut a fine figure, no matter what the situation. And D1 Milano can be worn by anyone, as Dario Spallone stresses in an interview with Forbes Magazine: "We like to see our customers as someone who wants to have fun and at the same time knows their responsibilities. Our target group is between 25 and 35 years of age, but since the design of the watches is rather sober, we have also received positive feedback from those who are above the age group we are aiming for". Choose your new favourite D1 Milano watch now and give your look an Italian feel and pure joy. Or are you looking for a suitable gift for a loved one? We will be happy to pack it for you as a gift and send it home to you free of shipping costs. D1 Milano - watches with the flair of "la dolce Vita - now new in your Timeshop24

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