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Bulova watches

bulova uhren looks back on 143 years of company history

With a history spanning more than 143 years, Bulova is one of the leading companies in the watchmaking industry and, since its beginnings in 1875, has been regarded as a pioneer and american classic in the manufacture of innovative and high-quality ladies- and men's watches.

From the moment Joseph Bulova opened his first store on Maiden Lane in Manhattan - then the centre of the New York jewellery industry - his unique vision revolutionised timekeeping.

2016 showed Bulova with the CURV Chronographs, which are characterized by a curved movement, a real world novelty. But Bulova also made history with other models, such as a chronograph developed for the conditions on the moon that one of the astronauts wore during the moon landing of Apollo 15 in 1971. Learn more about the brand Bulova


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52 Products

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