Luminox Watches

Luminox watches - Swiss watches with special luminosity

"The brightest watch in the world" can be found in the Luminox range. In 1993 the US-Americans Timbo and Barry Cohen, together with specialists from Switzerland, developed a watch lighting system that works completely without electricity. Until today, all watches are manufactured in Switzerland; e. g. the Luminox Navy Seal and the Luminox AtacamaRead more

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Luminox turns night into day - the secret behind this are borosilicate glass capsules and 25 years of research into high-tech lighting components. Luminox watches shine even in complete darkness - an optimal prerequisite for use under water. Accordingly, Luminox developed special models in the mid-1990s with which the special unit US Navy Seals was equipped. The US Air Force was also enthusiastic, whereupon Luminox promptly started with the development of a pilot watches series.

Swissmade with 10 years warranty on the lighting

The high quality of Luminox watches is also reflected in the warranty: the manufacturer gives 10 years on the lighting system and 2 years on the watch. With a genuine Luminox you have something really special, both in qualitative and in optical regard. Get to know the fascinating Luminox watches or expand your watch collection with a further, extraordinary specimen. Already seen? We also have a nice selection of watch boxes in our online watch shop!

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