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Thomas Earnshaw - Noted watch and chronometer manufacturer

In the field of watchmaking, Thomas Earnshaw is revered as a pioneer. Thomas Earnshaw, born in 1749 in Manchester, England, was celebrated for his work in refining and improving marine chronometers. This is still reflected today in the detailed ladies' and gentlemen's wristwatches, chronographs and multifunctional watches with the design of skeleton watchesRead more

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His marine chronometers were decisive for the journeys of the Royal Navy. Likewise, chronometer no. 506, in use on the HMS Beagle, which accompanied Charles Darwin on his journey around the world to inspire his groundbreaking study of evolution, "On the Origin of Species". Earnshaw, who was praised for his work with marine chronometers, also took up the challenge of designing watches for use in observatories such as those at Greenwich and Armagh. Examples of his exquisite works can be seen in museums and auction houses around the world. It is this pioneering spirit of promoting the science of watchmaking, coupled with the pursuit of craftsmanship excellence, that forms the heart of the Earnshaw watch, available to watch connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike.

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