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Citizen Promaster watches are ideal for technology-mad adventurers and active watch lovers

The functional all-rounders impress with reliability, accuracy and innovative technology. As practical companions, they shine in everyday life as well as in extreme situations with their sophisticated technical features, which above all offer athletes a real added value. The Sky, Land and Sea model series, for example, are equipped with functions that are each designed for activities in one of the three elements - such as altimeters or dip gauges. Many Citizen Promaster watches feature the groundbreaking Eco-Drive technology, which drives the watches with every kind of light... Read more

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Light is on time: Citizen Promaster Watches with Eco-Drive

Both sunlight and artificial light drives Citizen Promaster watches with Eco-Drive. The light rays penetrate the transparent dial and the highly sensitive light cell below transforms it into light energy. This is passed on to the quartz movement and stored as required. Only one minute of light is enough to set the movement in motion. In the dark, for example when you are enjoying your night's rest, the energy-saving function switches on. The hands stop while the movement continues to run in the background. This saves the watch 80 percent energy to be ready for use when you set off on new adventures in the morning.

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