Watchwinder for 2 watches

winder for 2 watches - watch wellness in double pack

If you leave your automatic watch simple, you will be punished with standstill. Without the movements of the arms while wearing the watch, the ingenious mechanism remains in its interior. A sight that no watch lover would like to see. Allow your watches the full indulgence program with the watch winders for 2 automatic watches from Timeshop24!  more

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Set Ascending Direction

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Set Ascending Direction

5 products

Turned, not shaken

Watchwinder give your automatic watches the attention they need. Many of our models have different programs with which you can set the Turns Per Day (TPDs), i.e. the turns per day. Each automatic watch is different and requires a different number of TPDs. You can also set the direction of rotation for some models. You can choose between clockwise, counterclockwise or alternating rotations. This is wellness for your automatic watches!

At Timeshop24 we offer a guarantee of 2 years on all watch winders. Of course your device comes safely packed to your home. Look also the winder for 4 watches or for 6 watches in our Onlineshop!

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