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Are you a sports watch enthusiast for whom a stopwatch is indispensable? Or do you prefer a robust timepiece such as a chronograph from Casio or Citizen - or a Swiss military watch? If both don't really suit your taste, you can also find elegant and luxurious watches from Alpina in our watch shop. Automatic watches from Orient e.g. inspire many men because they are timeless and appropriate for every situation. Who likes it rather stylisch or noticeably, finds in our Watch Shop a radio watch or a golden watch - which can be perfectly combined with a replacement leather watch strap. »Let us advise you!

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  36. Full-auto-led light
  37. GMT
  38. GPS time signal
  39. Heart rate monitor
  40. Helium valve
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  44. Lighting
  45. Microphone
  46. Minute
  47. Missed Calls
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  49. Moon phase
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  68. Satellite wave
  69. Save energy mode
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  77. speeking watch
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  91. Yacht-Timer
  92. Year
  93. Blood pressure monitor
  94. Oxygen sensor
  95. customisable background
  96. Wrist sense
  97. Notifications
  98. Temperature monitoring
  99. ECG measurement
  100. Heart health
  101. Sleep parameters
  102. Breathing
  103. GPS Tracker
  104. Menstrual cycle
  105. Battery life up to 30 days
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  4. hardened
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  10. crystal glass
  11. K1 security glass
  12. Sapphire coated
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5575 products

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5575 products


Product advice - The most beautiful chronographs, automatic and multifunction watches for men

A men's watch should be chosen carefully.

A wristwatch is much more than just a chic accessory. It is a constant companion in different life situations and should be chosen according to the challenges you face every day.

If you spend a lot of time outdoors or are an active craftsman, robust and weatherproof watches such as chronographs, military or sports watches are particularly suitable.

When confronting your everyday life with less rough conditions, there is nothing to stop you from decorating your wrist with a noble or fashionably chic watch model.

Many of our customers also have a additional watch for special occasions. A timepiece that "says" more than the time of day. For example, an elegant radio-controlled watch or a high-quality Swiss watch. Or, if it may be exclusive, on special occasions you might wear a detailed Multifunction watch from HAEMMER or a limited model of the noble brand U-Boat, a brand manufacturer that produces especially detailed watches for men.

A men's watch should be chosen carefully.A men's watch should be chosen carefully.

The bracelet is no less important.

Based on our many years of experience, we advise all watch buyers to check the watch strap of their favourite timepiece with regard to its suitability for everyday use, taking into account their own physique (strength of the wrists).
Leather and silicone watch bands are supple and light, metal watch bands on the other hand are robust and heavy.
Depending on the type of closure, e.g. for larger folding clasps, it may happen that a strap is designed for stronger wrists than your own. In the category watch straps you will find a variety of interesting quality watch straps that you can combine with your watch.

You see: Before you buy a new men's watch, it's worth investing some time and finding out some facts about the diverse world of wristwatches.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We will be happy to advise you during your purchase. You can reach us by e-mail, telephone or chat.
To answer the most frequently asked questions online, we have prepared the following information for you:

The watch types

Men's watches don't just show the time. In their variety of functions they support us in everyday life far beyond the normal time measurement. The most important question you should ask yourself when buying a watch is therefore:

For what purpose would I like to buy a new watch?

Thinking a little about it will help you enjoy your watch for as long as possible. Technology and fitness fans or travellers and design lovers: suitable watches can be found for every field of interest. However, the enormous diversity of the "watch world" must first be known.

For this reason, we have compiled an explanation of the watch types available in our watch shop for you below:

The watch typesThe watch types

Automatic watches

... wind automatically.
Automatic watchesAutomatic watches

Automatic watches provide energy from the movements of the wearer's arms by transmitting the movement to a rotor, which enables the mechanism of the spring movement to store the energy necessary to operate the watch.

Automatic watches are characterized by this technology through a particularly smooth and reliable running and do not require a battery.

The automatic watch's power reserve ensures that the watch continues to run at night and/or during brief rest periods of the wrist.

Longer rest periods are best spent in a watch winder. This ensures that your timepiece is ready for use at all times.

View all automatic men's watches

Analog watches

... are known as pointer watches.
Analogue watchesAnalogue watches

Analog watches are all chronometers that display the time on a dial using second, minute and hour hands.

The analog watches include models of electric watches as well as models of mechanical wristwatches.

View all analog men's watches


... measure best times.

Chronographs are also equipped with a stopwatch and are therefore a valued accessory for athletes and anyone who needs a measuring instrument to keep track of best times, running times, preparation times or the like.

Chronographs always contain a additional element for time measurement such as a dial, which enables an independent exact time measurement.

The pushbuttons (chronograph pushbuttons) used to start a time measurement are located directly on the case and are large enough to enable the function to be called up conveniently.

Chronographs are characterized by a technical to complex appearance due to the additional dials and large pushbuttons/cases and are therefore also well suited as maskulin jewellery.

The installed movements are often mechanical. Quartz movements can also be found. And who likes it, finds even chronographs with digital displays.

View all chronographs for men

Ecodrive watches

... charge under office light.
Ecodrive watchesEcodrive watches

The Eco-Drive technology is a special form of the solar watch from the Japanese watch manufacturer Citizen.

These watches charge themselves over sun energy, heat, motion, and artificial light.

Most Eco-Drive watches can run in the dark for more than six months when fully charged.

Eco-Drive-watches need no battery.

View all ecodrive men's watches

Electric / Quartz watches

... are low-maintenance.
Electric watches / Quartz watchesElectric watches / Quartz watches

Electric watches - especially classic quartz watches - are often powered by batteries.
For the sake of the environment we offer in our shop many electric wristwatches powered by solar cells as an environmentally friendly alternative.

Wristwatches with an electronic movement are generally valued for their reliability and accuracy. The maximum deviation per month is just once to ± 30 seconds. This value is only exceeded by radio-controlled watches.

Electric watches are usually very robust and low-maintenance.

View all electric men's watches

Radio watches

... are always set correctly.
Radio watchesRadio watches

Radio watches are quartz watches and as such are powered by a solar movement or battery.

Radio watches adjust themselves to the correct time independently once a day by using the time signal received from a time signal transmitter for synchronization.

Manual adjustment is not necessary. In addition, the annoying setting of the watch due to the changeover to summer or winter time is no longer necessary.

Some radio controlled watches detect via GPS if they are in a different time zone. An ideal companion for travelers.

View all radio controlled men's watches

Mechanical watches

... do not require electricity.
Mechanical watchesMechanical watches

Mechanical watches do not require batteries or solar power and are considered the most common type of watch.

"Mechanical watches" are distinguished by the type of power supply by watches whose movements are wound by hand by a crown and by watches whose movements are kept in time by arm movement during wear - automatic watches.

View all mechanical men's watches

Multifunction watches

... offer useful features.
Multifunction watchesMultifunction watches

Multifunction watches often look like classic chronographs at first glance. This makes them optically very attractive and correspondingly popular.

While classic chronographs have the additional dial typical for the stopwatch function, multi-function watches offer a lot of interesting additional functions that no conventional wristwatch has:

In addition to a 24 h display, several time zones and weather data, these time displays can be used to read e.g. GPS-based measurements. Especially the combination of GPS data and time measurement enables runners, athletes or hikers and travellers to call up details about routes they have covered, location displays, digital compass, altimeter or heart rates. Individual multifunction clocks even offer a tide display.

View all multifunction men's watches

Swiss watches

- high quality in every respect.
Swiss watchesSwiss watches

Swiss watches are high-quality products of the Swiss Watchmakers' Guild, which may bear the "Swiss Made" seal. This seal goes back to a regulation in the 17th century, which was regulated by law in 1971.

The Swiss Made seal stands for quality, reliability and longevity.

Production, assembly and inspection of "Swiss Made" products always take place in Switzerland and are characterised by particularly high quality.

View all Swiss watches for men

Smartwatches / Digital Watches

... small functional power packs.
Smartwatches / Digital WatchesSmartwatches / Digital Watches

For decades now, digital watches have been supporting technology enthusiasts in their everyday lives with calendar functions, multifunction alarms and currency calculators. In chronographs, digital character displays and functions are often combined with the appearance and functions of the analogue device.

The development of Smartwatches goes far beyond this. This type of watch follows the objective of making watch wearers a maximum of useful functions available.

During Jogging, the watch provides its wearer with favourite music - via bluetooth and corresponding headphones.

And if you get lost, the GPS system will help you find your way back.

During the lunch break or during an appointment, email inputs or contact requests can be kept in view - all you have to do is connect the watch to a smartphone or tablet. And if it's urgent, you can send voice messages or short information with your Smartwatch.
The watch is a kind of micro office.

View all Smartwatches for men

Solar watches

... do not require a battery.
Solar watchesSolar watches

Solar watches use solar energy for the operation of the movement.

The driving energy thus obtained is stored in a battery to ensure that the watch also functions in phases without light. This mechanism is known as dark power reserve.

These watches does not need batteries.

View all solar men's watches

Divers watches

... backup for safe dives.
Diver watchesDiver watches

Diving watches help water sportsmen and professional divers to keep a reliable eye on diving time and ascent time incl. decompression breaks.

Diver watches are characterized by a tested water resistance (of at least 20 atm) and must show a readability of time and dive time from a distance of 25 cm (also in darkness). In addition, this type of watch must offer the possibility of preselecting a time span by means of a timer or bezel.

The criteria that a diver's watch must meet in order to be sold in Germany are defined in DIN 8306.

View all divers watches for men

Titanium watches

... are perfect for allergy sufferers.
Titanium watchesTitanium watches

Titanium is 100% anti-allergic and therefore very kind to the skin. In contrast to most alloys, pure titanium does not contain nickel.

Another advantage of this metal over stainless steel: Titanium weighs only about half and is much more robust.

titanium cases are characterized by an extremely robust protective layer that protects the watch case from scratches and damage.

Titanium watches are also corrosion resistant.

Titanium is slightly darker and shines less than stainless steel.

View all titanium watches for men

Get to know your watch. Taking the requirements of a movement into account can help you to enjoy your watch longer. And you will also learn, for example, how to keep an automatic movement permanently operational without having to wear it daily.

The movementsThe movements

Mechanical movements

A mechanical watchwork consists of several wheelworks, a spring mechanism as drive device, a vibration system for gear control and other components.

Mechanical movements, as the name suggests, are not powered by a battery.

The spring movement is tensioned by a crown to provide the necessary energy for the movement to measure the time.

For this reason, mechanical movements must be wound regularly.

Automatic movements

... contain a mechanical movement which - as long as the watch is worn - does not have to be wound. The spring, which keeps the mechanism of the movement in operation, is tensioned by a rotor, which itself is set in motion by the natural movements of the arm and wrist. The normal wearing of the watch thus ensures that the movement is permanently supplied with the necessary energy.

During longer periods of rest, the watch should be moved mechanically, e.g. with a watch winder, if you do not want to wind it manually. This prevents the watch from being completely discharged and from stopping and prevents the movement from becoming resinous, which can occur as a result of very long rest periods.

Quartz movements

Quartz movements hide under an opaque case back. This feature distinguishes quartz watches from automatic watches.

Quartz watches draw their energy from solar cells or - this is more often the case - from a battery that has to be replaced regularly.

Quartz watches are mostly characterized by a special robustness and are especially in the sports and leisure sector compared to other watches in the advantage.

Timeshop24 Care tips

In order to enjoy a watch for as long as possible, it is advisable to know something about its specific properties such as water resistance, the correct way to store it, and instructions for care and cleaning.

Water tightnessWater tightness

Water tightness

In general, if you attach importance to the tightness of your watch, you should have it checked once a year. Seals age and become brittle, ageing, wear and tear and damage can cause additional damage.

Often it is also not taken into consideration that on some watches the crown has to be unscrewed in order to be able to use special functions and that the watches immediately draw water through the open crown. Therefore always check the condition of the crown before bringing your watch into contact with water.

The resistance of a watch to water is often misinterpreted. Information on water resistance does not mean that a watch can withstand a confrontation with rinsing, shower or bathing water.

Interpret ATM data correctly

  • - 3 atm - Water splashes during hand washing are ok. Anything beyond this can cause considerable damage to the watch.
  • - 5 atm - Showers & bathing is possible with this watch. Do not swim or dive. Therefore the watch should be worn with caution while bathing.
  • - 10 atm - The clock is a match for a visit to a swimming pool. Dives on the other hand will not be tolerated.
  • - 20 atm and above - From 20 atm the watch is considered water resistant and can be worn for swimming and diving at shallow depths.

Care and cleaning

Service and repairs in our specialist workshop

The easiest way to do something good to your watch: Bring your favorite timepiece once yearly for review to a professional watchmaker.

Our watchmaker workshop carries out repairs and other services and ensures that your watch gets everything it needs. This service has already delighted many watch collectors who have not found a suitable watch workshop anywhere else. Simply contact us or visit us personally in Simmerath.


Service and repairs in our specialist workshop Service and repairs in our specialist workshop

Let your watch get a little care

You can influence the fact that your watch will show as few signs of wear as possible over the years.

  • - Clean the housing and lens regularly with a microfiber cloth or eyeglass cleaning cloth. To prevent scratches from dust and dirt.
  • - Soap residues and sweat can be easily removed with damp cloths.
  • - Leather wristbands live longer and remain visually more attractive if you treat them regularly with a Leather care product. Silicone and rubber watch bands are somewhat easier to care for. A little soap and warm water.
  • is sufficient to clean these wristbands.
  • - If your watch needs a new battery, we recommend that you order a watchmaker to replace it. If the watch case is opened and closed improperly, there is a risk of damaging the movement and seals if you do not have the appropriate tool.
    If there is a slot on the back of the case, you can open the lid with a coin. For these watches, the manufacturers have provided that the battery change can be carried out by the watch carrier itself.

Tips for watch storageTips for watch storage

Watch storage

Whoever appreciates a watch will give it a home of its own. Stylish watch boxes in gloss finish can be found here in the shop for four watches or slightly larger for up to 20 watches. To the watch boxes

For ambitious collectors we offer wooden watch secretaries and watch cabinets for up to 72 watches. And for the storage of your automatic watches we offer winder for single watches and in larger version for up to 8 watches - also in noble gloss optics of wood, glass and plastic. To the watch winders

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  • - Secure shipping - Your watch will be packed like a raw egg, the shipping will be insured of course.
  • - Festively packed with ribbon - At your request you will receive your watch lovingly packaged as a gift.
  • - Customized for your wrist - Simply tell us the size of your wrist when ordering and we will shorten the wristband so that you can wear your new watch immediately accurately.
  • - More than 25,000 satisfied customers since the company was founded in 2001. Read more about our customers evaluations and experience reports here.


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