Bering Automatic Watches

Bering automatic watches in super flat design

The Danish watch manufacturer Bering stands for minimalist design and maximum material strength. The new model series of Bering watches with automatic movement captivates by the precision extra flat quality movement of Miyota (Citizen). The first edition of the new watch collection is strictly limited to 500 pieces per model. All watches are numbered, which documents an engraving on the backcase. Be one of the first to wear an exclusive Bering automatic watch on your wrist!  Read more

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With every movement of your arm, a rotor inside the movement tensions a spring that drives the watch in small steps. A slip clutch, the so-called bridge, prevents the tension spring from overtightening. Such a complex movement usually takes up a lot of space - not so with Bering automatic watches. With its super-flat design, Bering remains true to itself and brings out a collection that combines Danish minimalism, purist elegance and timeless beauty.

Quality for demanding watch lovers

Bering automatic watches are like all watches of the Danish manufacturer made for the highest demands. If you buy one of the noble Bering watches with automatic movement, you buy an extremely scratch-resistant timepiece made of high-tech ceramic and sapphire crystal. Finely brushed or polished stainless steel ensures a cool look.

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