Well-functioning logistics and the right shipping partners guarantee fast and trouble-free delivery to the customer, because who would like to wait long for their newly ordered desired product? On this page you can find out more about the service providers and the shipping costs.

Shipping table

    DHL DHL Express
  Country DHL Standard DHL Express**
DE Germany 0,00€ (1-3 days) 12,00€ (24h)
AT Austria 8,00€ (3-5 days)  
CHE Switzerland** 8,00€ (3-5 days)  
GBR Great Britain**   15,00€ (1-2 days)
AUS Australia** 35,00€ (8-20 days)  
CHN China ROC** 25,00€ (8-20 days)  
JPN Japan** 35,00€ (8-20 days)  
CAN Canada** 25,00€ (8-20 days)  
LIE Liechtenstein** 8,00€ (3-5 days)  
RUS Russia** 25,00€ (8-20 days)  
SNG Singapur** 25,00€ (8-20 days)  
USA USA** 25,00€ (8-20 days)  
    UPS UPS Express
  Country UPS Standard UPS Express**
DE Germany 3,00€ (1-3 days) 12,00€ (24h)
AT Austria 8,00€ (3-5 days) 24,00€ (1-2 days)
CHE Switzerland** 8,00€ (3-5 days) 24,00€ (1-2 days)
AUS Australia** (n/a) 39,00€ (2-4 days)
BEL Belgium 8,00€ (3-5 days) 19,00€ (1-2 days)
BGR Bulgaria 12,00€ (3-5 days) 34,00€ (1-2 days)
CHN China ROC** (n/a) 39,00€ (2-3 days)
DNK Denmark 8,00€ (3-5 days) 19,00€ (1-2 days)
EST Estonia 8,00€ (3-5 days) 34,00€ (1-2 days)
FIN Finland 8,00€ (3-5 days) 29,00€ (1-2 days)
FRA France 8,00€ (3-5 days) 19,00€ to (1-2 days)
GRC Greece 8,00€ (3-5 days) 29,00€ (1-2 days)
IRL Ireland 8,00€ (3-5 days) 29,00€ (1-2 days)
ITA Italy 8,00€ (3-5 days) 26,00€ (1-2 days)
JPN Japan** (n/a) 39,00€ (2-4 days)
CAN Canada** (n/a) 29,00€ (2-4 days)
HRV Croatia 8,00€ (3-5 days) 34,00€ (1-2 days)
LVA Lativa 12,00€ (3-5 days) 34,00€ (1-2 days)
LIE Liechtenstein** 8,00€ (3-5 days) 24,00€ (1-2 days)
LTU Lithuania 12,00€ (3-5 days) 34,00€ (1-2 days)
LUX Luxembourg 8,00€ (3-5 days) 19,00€ (1-2 days)
NLD Netherland 8,00€ (3-5 days) 19,00€ (1-2 days)
NOR Norway** 15,00€ (3-5 days) 24,00€ (1-2 days)
POL Poland 8,00€ (3-5 days) 34,00€ (1-2 days)
PRT Portugal 8,00€ (3-5 days) 24,00€ (1-2 days)
ROU Romania 12,00€ (3-5 days) 34,00€ (1-2 days)
RUS Russia** (n/a) 29,00€ (2-4 days)
SWE Sweden 8,00€ (3-5 days) 29,00€ (1-2 days)
SNG Singapore** (n/a) 39,00€ (2-4 days)
SVK Slovakia 8,00€ (3-5 days) 34,00€ (1-2 days)
SVN Slovenia 8,00€ (3-5 days) 34,00€ (1-2 days)
ESP Spain 8,00€ (3-5 days) 29,00€ (1-2 days)
CZE Czech Republic 8,00€ (3-5 days) 34,00€ (1-2 days)
HUN Hungary 8,00€ (3-5 days) 34,00€ (1-2 days)
USA USA** (n/a) 29,00€ (2-3 days)

* Express Shipments

All orders being recieved Mo.-Fr. until 2:00 PM CET can be shipped the same day via Express Service. Express Service within Germany guarantees next day delivery (No Express deliveries at Sa.-So.). Express Service within Europe guarantees delivery within 1-3 days. International Express orders will be delivered within 2-5 days. In case of a return, costs for Express Service will not be refund.

** Tax

If shipping is to countries outside European Union (f.i. Switzerland, Russia, USA etc.) webshop will deduct 19% German VAT automatically after Country information is set in Checkout. You will then pay NO TAX to Timeshop24. But when importing to the target country the custom authorities might add the individual country/item Tax afterwards and you need to pay the amount usually before parcel will be hand out to the receiver. To find out the exact import costs please contact your local Tax authorities.

*** Standard Delivery Times

The standard delivery times named here are not guaranteed by Timeshop24.

Insured shipping

Basically we are liable as shipper in case of loss or damage of the goods during transport. This is independent of the value of the shipment. So you do not have to worry about what will happen if a shipment is actually lost or damaged once arrives. The same also applies to returned goods commissioned by us.

In the case of visible damage to the parcel, it is best to refuse acceptance or have the damage documented by the courier immediately. If necessary, take your own photos of the damaged parcel.

We send only insured parcels on our part, so that in the event of damage we receive compensation from the insurer.


Our shipment within Germany and Switzerland is handled by DHL Paket. The deliverer will therefore be very familiar to you. If you should not be to be found, the deliverer can decide whether the package can be delivered to the neighbor, or whether he leaves a notification card in the letter box. In this case, you can usually collect the parcel from the nearest post office from the next working day.


Our shipping to all other countries within the EU according to the shipping cost table we handle with UPS. This service provider has proven to be particularly reliable, flexible and extremely fast. Shipments to EU countries are usually within one week at the recipient.

UPS Express

International shipping to non-EU countries such as the USA, Canada or Emirates is handled by UPS Express Saver. The delivery to the recipient usually takes place within a few days. Alternatively we also offer DHL Business Parcel for some international destinations. It is a bit cheaper than UPS Express, but sometimes with much longer delivery times and the international parcel tracking often leaves much to be desired. Therefore we always recommend UPS Express.

Special order requests

If our standard selection of the sender does not match your personal wishes, you are welcome to leave your wishes with your order, e.g. in the memo field on the last order page before order completion. If possible, we will then gladly respond to your wishes. Should it come to a recalculation of forwarding expenses due to this or the change not be possible we will contact you naturally.

Likewise you can define desired delivery days, or days on which should not be delivered over the entry in the memo field. We accept orders also with desired dates up to 30 days after order, e.g. for a birthday, if you would like to have afterwards still the possibility of the revocation.

You can also express your special wishes personally on the phone, so that further details can be discussed and clarified immediately.

Shipment tracking

With dispatch of the commodity you receive on the same day still another notification by email with the package number. On the websites of the companies you can then track your parcel to better match the reception.

to DHL parcel tracking >>

to UPS parcel tracking >>

If you do not receive a dispatch mail, you can also ask us for the parcel number by telephone.


At a DHL Packstation, you can pick up your shipments at any time, as it suits you best.

If you are not yet a Packstation user, you would have to register here beforehand.

This is how you proceed with your order:

Select "Send to another delivery address" and then either 1. Send to another postal address, 2. Send to a DHL Packstation or 3. Send to a DHL branch. The form fields change according to your input and are clearly marked.

You will find the most conveniently located leasehold station for you at


The following items are not suitable for PACKSTATION and will be redirected to a post office branch. DHL will notify you of this:

  • Shipments that exceed the maximum size of 60 x 35 x 35 cm

The following items are not suitable for PACKSTATION and will be returned to the sender:

  • Multi-package items (consignment consists of several packages)
  • Bulky goods (shipment does not meet DHL requirements in form, dimensions or surface)
  • Items for which the assignment of the postal number to the last name is not unique
International shipping

In connection with shipping to countries outside the European Union, such as the USA, Canada or Russia, you may incur additional customs duties and import duties. The best way to find out about the costs involved is to contact your local authorities, as this is handled very differently from country to country. For example, it is often worthwhile for Swiss customers to shop in Germany, because the net prices for goods are often lower than in Switzerland and also the import is quite cheap. The costs are queried by the deliverer at delivery or you receive an invoice about it.

As soon as you have created a customer account with us and the delivery address e.g. USA is entered, you will no longer see in our shop the gross prices including the German value added tax of currently 19% of the goods value, but without value added tax, e.g. instead of 119 euros only 100 euros.

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