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Battery change

Battery change

Even a simple battery change has to be learned. Unfortunately, many watch owners try again and again to carry out the due battery change on their own in order to save a few euros. The hobby watchmaker often finds the end result expensive, for example if the lid is scratched, the movement damaged, the watch leaks or even the fingers injured. That doesn't have to be the case. You can save yourself this annoyance with our battery replacement service. By the way: On request, we can also carry out the leak test up to 10ATM (100M) test pressure after battery replacement, so that you can wear and use your watch again under water without hesitation.

Wristband changes

Wristband changes

Not only leather watch straps have to be changed over time. From time to time, steel watch straps also require expert inspection. In the course of time, screw connections can loosen, spring pins lose their stability and pins can loosen. Even if a new steel strap does not always have to be purchased directly, you should always keep an eye on the strap on the watch used daily and have it inspected by a specialist in good time before the watch detaches from the arm and major damage occurs.

Glass exchange

Glas exchange

Mineral glasses scratch in the course of time. This is probably a completely natural process in accordance with the daily strain and can only be prevented by a particularly careful handling of your wristwatch. We renew and replace scratched or broken watch glasses at a reasonable price - even for fashionable watches. Has your watch become fogged up or stumped from the inside? Then let us clean your favourite piece so that you can once again have a clear view of the dial. Or would you like to upgrade your favourite watch decisively? Then you might want to upgrade to scratch-resistant sapphire glass. Depending on the size, design and manufacturer of the glass, we can offer you this optical highlight for your watch for less than €100.

Revision Uhrwerk


By "revision" the watchmaker understands the complete disassembly of a movement with subsequent cleaning of the individual parts, inspection and the possible exchange of parts as well as the subsequent professional assembly of the watch. In most cases this is an exclusive Swiss or German caliber. The aim is to remove the dirt caused by abrasion. This leads to a better gait pattern and a longer power reserve of your watch. Last but not least, the revised movement often looks like new again. For mechanical watches it is advisable to carry out regular maintenance at intervals of a few years when they are in permanent use.

Repair service for large clocks

Repair service for large clocks

Wall clocks, grandfather clocks, table clocks as well as fireplace clocks are called large clocks by the trained watchmaker. Also for a repair or revision of this watch class we gladly offer you our usual reliable and extensive service. In the closer vicinity (5 post code) a consultation can be agreed upon gladly also locally or we stand for you with the professional transport of your clock helpfully to the side.

Pick-up service for your most valuable items

Pick-up service for your most valuable items

A comprehensive service right from the start. On request, we can offer you the collection* of your most valuable items by reliable and competent service providers directly at your home. These reach us in the best way secured usually already on the next working day in Simmerath and can be worked on briskly. The repair time depends of course on the scope and type of the work to be carried out. The current waiting times can be inquired gladly at any time by telephone. Service liable to costs. The exact costs you inquire please under: +49 (0) 2473 927100

Schmuck Aufarbeitung

Jewellery refurbishment

Even your most beautiful pieces of jewellery made of stainless steel, gold or silver will not be spared from the passage of time. Dirt, scratches or the dark patina so well known in real silver, which is difficult to remove completely by conventional means and without special knowledge. We do not only clean your favourite pieces of jewellery. Gold and silver can be polished so excellently that even existing scratches disappear again. And matt stainless steel can also be restored to its original condition by brushing. After a reconditioning you will enjoy your jewellery twice as much again, especially if it is your favourite memento. By the way: A reconditioning of watches and jewelry is also a "shiny" gift idea!

Reparatur Angebot

Offer preparation and invoicing

After contacting you by telephone or in writing, we will be happy to give you a non-binding statement on the approximate costs of your service order. However, we can only give an exact cost estimate after our specialist staff has examined the pieces. The payment of the orders takes place after offer preparation and before execution of the service work. Payment can be made to our German business account or via PayPal. A professional execution as well as the careful handling of your favorite pieces are a matter of course for us. Therefore we photograph all service goods receipts in order to document the "before condition" and to prevent later discrepancies. We also recommend this procedure to you as our customer before sending in or delivering your service orders.

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